Science over politics

There has been a lot of debate among the general population over the use of masks and social distancing. Some even question the seriousness of the covid-19 worldwide pandemic. This site is not here to debate those claims.

While I can do some layman’s research and analysis, like the vast majority of the world I am not an epidemiologist or even a medical professional. So, like most people, I have to chose who am I going to listen to. The news and commentators have plenty to say, but most of them are not in the medical field either.

It is my choice to listen to the experts, the medical organizations, and research universities that have built the medical knowledge we all rely on every day.

They are all unanimous on masks, social distancing, and the seriousness of this pandemic. If you feel you know more than the collective knowledge of the world’s foremost scientists and doctors on these issues, my hat is off to you. Einstein and Leonardo da Vinci would be amazed at you. For me, I will follow the experts over the politicians.

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